All you need is that particular player, with those specific qualities. You know he is out there, somewhere. But you don’t have the resources to scout every single player. Nobody has. Would it help if you had a selection of potential candidates? Based on data but also on the “match”. The match between your club, your squad, your coach? See how PlayerConnect can help you do so.

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Football Agent

As an agent you strive to achieve the highest possible for your player. Finding the right club, in the right competition. The best stap. All, for him to excel.
But sometimes making that match isn’t that easy. It actually is quite hard.

See what PlayerConnect can do for you and your client.


It is time to excel. You know that. the quality is there. But you don’t get the changes. Time is ticking. All you need is the total picture. A change, the right competition, the right club. Maybe even the right coach?

See what PlayerConnect can do for you.